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  • Hall Of Fail Database that collects all the people who tried to hack another person's name on instagram. Trying to put insults or rude words to replace his name
  • GiR Shortener URL Shortener easy and functional
  • Ambient Designer Design your own sound: environment, multitrack, equalizer and high quality sounds
  • InspecTwitch A way to track real and suspicious activity on a twitch account. The most advanced way to detect viewbots
  • TypeRacerBot Compete by typing with other users with this discord bot
  • SARS-CoV-2 Simulation Simulator for educational and school purposes on how the covid acts in different scenarios
  • InstagramAPI A small instagram api that allows you to consult profile data. It only shows the last 12 results of the timeline/igtv
  • CrewPad Just buttons that play sounds.