What is inspecTwitch?

Given the growth of cheating on twitch and the injustice that this implies for some not very massive streamers.I have decided to create a small tool that can help us to obtain some or other conclusions based on our hypotheses.

The application is very simple, it takes care of obtaining metrics of the real users watching the streamer, it also obtains the accounts not logged in watching the streamer, it takes screenshots of the channel and creates a file with everything that is written in the chat.

With the data mentioned above we can start to capture the information and apply other tools to see how common or rare some behaviors are and draw conclusions about viewboting or not.

Login Screen

We need different relevant data about the twitch api in order to have the data in a more legitimate way possible

Monitor Screen

The monitor view is simple, it shows us a graph and different metrics and a button that allows us to save the data at any time. The data is saved automatically when the streamer ends his session.

Download for windows