Creating highly scalable systems, efficient interfaces, with best practices as a central objective.

Staff Software Engineer at Voicemod.



  • LazyCURL: Small tool mounted on top of curl, allowing assisted command construction.

  • CodeHarvester: CodeHarvester efficiently aggregates code and text from files for streamlined AI analysis, simplifying data compilation for prompts.

  • KeysOnScreen: Chrome extension that allows you to display keystrokes, highly customisable, perfect for improving browser accessibility!.

  • BrickHauler: Tool designed for fast and easy load testing of websites and web applications.

  • WearAppleVision: Small project that allows you to see what the new apple glasses would look like in a photo.

  • HumanToDatabase: Wizard that allows to build efficient queries in databases, only using natural language, support for: SQL, MQL, ElasticSearch, Redis...

  • Hex2Tailwind: Transform tour entire color palette into Tailwind colors as figma plugin!

  • AmbientDesigner: Experimentation with sounds, designed with an easy to use UX, no user registration, just one click and you're ready to go.

  • Disposable Mail Api: Disposable Mail API It is a library to generate disposable mails completly functional and usable on internet.

  • Random Nickname Generator: It is a library to generate random nicknames and also allows some parameterization to be able to have defined structures, separators and more things to come.

Esteve Segura Esteve a.k.a "GiR"

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